Attleboro's Youth Football And Cheer Association


League Requirements


Uniform Policy

  1. UNIFORMS are to be worn by the football players/cheerleaders ONLY!!!!
  2. UNIFORMS are to be worn ONLY for games and when specified by AWH for Spirit Days, Competitions, etc…
  3. UNIFORMS are NOT to be worn while playing around. (If you are arriving early or staying late to support other teams, please remember to bring a change of clothes).
  4. UNIFORMS should not be worn or should be covered while eating or drinking before and or after the game.
  5. DO NOT put the football jersey into the dryer.
  6. ALL players MUST wear their protective cups at all times – games and practices!!!


Weather Guidelines


The Director of Recreation or a disignee thereoff has the right to cancel any activity or event on a city recreational facility at any time to ensure the safety of the participants and to prevent city fields from getting abused and destroyed when the turf is vulnerable.

All users of recreational facilities are REQUIRED to cancel an activity or event when potentially hazardous weather/field conditions exist.  In addition to the use of common sense if any one of the following conditions exists immediate cancellation is mandatory:

  1. Downpours, heavy rains, ongoing showers, snow, sleet, hail etc..
  2. Standing puddles of water on a field.
  3. Footing is unsure and slippery
  4. Ground is waterlogged and slushy or squishy
  5. Grass can be pulled out of the ground easily
  6. Lightning: Minimum of 30 minutes with no re-occurrence before re-entering the field.


The safety and well being of persons participating in athletic programs is of primary concern. Sports related injuries caused by poor playing conditions can lead to career ending injuries and permanent disabilities.

Additionally, when games are played on fields with poor conditions, it often causes irreversible damage to the fields. Surface damage is obvious and visible but as of equal concern from maintenance perspective is the sub-surface damage.

It shall be the responsibility of the individual who signed the permit to ensure that all individuals, teams or groups using a city recreational field do not use and/or vacate the field(s) when said conditions exist.

Each league of Organization shall (1) provide a copy of these guidelines to each board member and coach within their organization. (2) provide a copy of these guidelines to any officiating organizations that may control the suspension of a game or match once play has begun and (3) post these guidelines on their official website.

Teams or Leagues that refuse to follow this policy will be subjected to one or more of the following disciplinary actions:

  1. Written warning to the President/Chairman of the organization.
  2. Suspension of the team/organization from practicing on the fields for (1) week
  3. Forfeiture of a team’s privileges to either practice or play games on the City of Attleboro’s fields for the remainder of the season.
  4. Having the league pay for damages caused by disregard to this policy.


GREAT start to the home slate of games this weekend!

UL vs Stoughton 33-0 Win!
B vs Stoughton 30-0 Win!

Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the games and worked the day! See you tomorrow!

GO HAWKS! ... See MoreSee Less

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The 3rd Annual Basketball Tournament honoring Chris Hutcheon will be held on November 11th this year. To sign up for this tournament, please visit the sign up table during this weekend's Sunday home games between 10am-1pm.

For more information and/or questions please contact or visit Chris Hutcheon Memorial Foundation page. ... See MoreSee Less

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Another big weekend in store for Attleboro Football!

White Hawks & Highschool Schedule Below:

Head on down to AHS tonight to see our Blue Bombardiers take on Oliver Ames in a league game starting at 7PM!

Ticket Costs:
Adults $5
Students (5th-12th grade) $5
Senior Citizens FREE
Kids (4th Grade & under) FREE

WHITE HAWKS Week 6 Schedule:

Saturday, October 7th
UL (Vieira) @ Foxboro - 7PM Start
C (Desper) @ Foxboro - 4PM Start
D1 (Jones) @ Foxboro - 2:30PM Start
MM2 (Ismail) @ Foxboro - 1PM Start
MM1 (Blanchette) @ Foxboro - 11:30AM Start
Flag 1 (Maynard) @ Brockton - 12:30PM Start
Flag 2 (Oliveira) @ North Attleboro - 12PM Start

Sunday, October 8th
B (Hochwarter) @ Ashland - 10:30AM Start
D2 (McHale) @ Stoughton - 10:30AM Start

Foxboro - Ernie George Field 201 Payson Rd. Foxboro
Brockton- North Junior High 108 Oak St, Brockton
North Attleboro- Community Field 6 Morse St, N. Attleboro
Ashland - Ashland middle school 87 West Union st., Ashland
Stoughton- Community Field 605 Washington St, Stoughton


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White Hawks at The Barn & Yogurt Beach

October 1, 2017, 11:30am - October 1, 2017, 11:00pm

The Barn and Yogurt Beach are proud to be hosting an all day and evening fundraiser for the Attleboro Pop Warner White Hawks. Come in for lunch, dinner or dessert and just mention you’re here for th...

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